Retail Marketing Services

Retail Marketing Services


You can benefit from our long experience with our marketing service.

The retail sector is faced with serious challenges. We have been dealing with
the issues of high brand concentration, vertical extensions and globalisation
for many years.

New media such as the Internet, provides new opportunities but also considerable
risks for traditional retailers.

Considering this, a perfect positioning is requested. 
Our "Retail Marketing Service"
provides a platform of services including distribution and professional networking.

From customised strategic analysis to store design, from visual identity to visual
merchandising, we put you in touch with our fine experts and partners , completed
by services through "Retail-Events" such as the annual Retail Forum and Retail Workshops.
Our Brand DNA knowledge is the base of your successful story

The retail sector has no choice but to change and we will be there to support
you every step of the way, to achieve your transformation successfully.

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