Sourcing/ Purchasing

Sourcing/ Purchasing


Over the last 20 years, we have been travelling the world looking for
the best manufacturers in the business Thanks to our extensive sector
experience, we take care to monitor and put suppliers through a competitive
bidding process to get the best value for money. This search covers not only
machine tools and new technologies, but also materials and equipment.

Our in-depth understanding of quality, guarantees a highly effective final result.

Today, Retailpartners is proud to manage a network of International suppliers
(in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy,New-York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong-Kong etc,.)

Factories are chosen for their level of expertise & finishing and the materials in
which they specialise.

Each concept is different: it requires more or less staffing.

Our role is to assess these needs in order with the aim of optimising costs
by choosing the most interesting hourly rates.

A bidding process between at least three suppliers is launched for each new
manufacturing project. This is then followed by a negotiation process.

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