Production / Industrialization

Production / Industrialization


Our teams of professionals will bring your projects to life, while ensuring
their economical viability. This is a crucial step in which the choice of our
industrial partners is your guarantee of success. 
They are selected for the
quality of their work, compliance with European ISO certified standards, but
also for their human values. We are able to manage this crucial selection process
by drawing on more than 20 years of our experience in the business.
retailpartners, it's nearly 300 sales outlets delivered in 2014, more than 800 since 2012.

After your approval of the architectural project and its costs, we launch the prototype
phase, including the following steps:

• sending the plans to the factory

• establishment of the production drawings 

• producing the preproduction sample

• client assessment and debrief on this preproduction prototype

• briefing the factory

• putting the concept into production, either as a production series
custom built approach if it is to be adapted to each outlet

Identical assistance and services whether in Europe, the United States or Asia, based on local legal structures.

Turnkey stores delivered in more than 20 countries, meeting the specificities of each market, for surface areas ranging from 25 to more 500m2.

A stock of 8 plants (3 in Europe and 5 in Asia), each with a particular skill linked to the treatment of materials, production line or one-off items etc). and machines that are state-of-the-art when it comes to the latest digital technology, each with their own design office.

3 logistics platforms of 10,000 m2 each.

A global logistics chain : from the initial spec to the delivery of the project, this ensures each step proceeds as planned a constant control process is in place.

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